Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Short Trip To Taiwan

My husband and I went on a short trip to Taiwan to attend the wedding of his friend’s daughter. He used to be a business associate of my husband’s but now they are friends.

At the reception table, large size photos of the couple taken beforehand were displayed and small ones for the guests to pick up.

Like here in Japan, guests bring gift money in the envelope. 

There are some wedding “do’s and don’ts” I noticed later though it was the second time to attend the ceremony. How careless I was!
One of them is: gift money envelopes should be red. I brought white one tied with beautiful gold paper string. However, they say white one makes breaches of wedding manners because it is used on funeral, oh, what a cultural blunder!

Second; the amount of the number of paper money should be even number. A friend of my husband’s, who is Japanese, asked us to present her gift money instead of him and that was odd number!
I only wish they gave an allowance for me being an ignorant foreigner.

                                         reception hall before the  party begins

                                     The  guests were more than 400 but on her  
                                     brother's occasion five years ago, more than 800 
                                     guests were invited. we were one of them.

As you might know, this is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese calendar.
They believe getting married or giving birth to a baby especially in the year of the dragon is lucky at life or born lucky, so on that day there were four weddings in the afternoon and one at night. I hear when invited guests think of gift money to bring one after another, red envelope of invitation is called “red bomb”.

Anyway, I have known her for some years and she is a very intellectual and thoughtful lady. When I saw her entering the hall accompanied by her father, I was very much moved. I wished the couple’s happiness ahead. 

The following  day her father, though he must have been tired I’m afraid, took us to one of the most beautiful places in the middle part of the country.

It’s called “Sun Moon Lake”, the biggest lake in Taiwan.

                       Over the clouds, the summits of the mountains are seen.


                                  the lake seen from a ropeway
                                  Scenery changes every minute of time

 the hotel we stayed, Lemidi Hotel, situated at the altitude of 1250m

Look at the lower right of the picture of the hotel. They are a pair of giant stone lions.
Originally they sat several meters apart at the front door. However when the typhoon hit Taiwan, two stone lions were moved by the landslides and found later sitting side by side.

                          Since then they became a symbol of strong love despite the
                          relentless attack of nature and popular place among couples.

                           morning view seen from the window of the room

There is a big forest near this hotel.
We enjoyed strolling around 2 hours to make up for a lack of exercise before leaving it.
I felt like I was walking around Shinshu in Japan. I even enjoyed "sky walk"

We owed it a lot to him to make this short trip a wonderful one. 
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